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Our team will work with a family after their little one arrives, usually immediately or within a week or two of the baby’s birth. Is your little one already here and you’re struggling finding a daytime schedule or is she awake half the night? Contact us for a free consultation!

*We are on call from the moment you hire us, even if you go into labor early. If your provider is still booked with another family and your own baby is here a month earlier than expected, someone else on our team will be available within 24 hours to help your family, so you’re never left without support! There is no extra fee for this guaranteed promise.

*While our main focus is your family’s well being, we are also available to clean bottles and breastpump parts, offer breastfeeding support (many of us are certified in lactation), offer formula support (there are so many options out there), and do family laundry. While our biggest priorities include baby care, teaching self soothing techniques, organizing the nursery, maintaining daily logs, and helping new parents gain confidence, we are also happy to attend pediatrician or OB/midwife appointments, and run errands (Target and the grocery store are usually the go-to requests).

*Your family will receive continued text and email support from Queen City Newborn Care’s owner Meg and/or your provider for 1 year postpartum.

*Everyone on our team has a clean background check made available to you at the signing of the contract. This background check includes a social security trace, national criminal database search, traffic violation search, sex offender list search, and professional license verification (for our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants).

*Your family will receive an detailed individualized contract between your family and your provider that outlines all important information pertaining to you and her.


  • Overnight – 8 hour minimum
  • Daytime – 4 hour minimum
  • Babysitting – 4 hour minimum
  • 24/7 – 1 week minimum


  • Unlimited phone, email, and text support
  • Postpartum visit within 5 days of birth


  • Daytime, evening, overnight, and 24 hour live in shifts available


“Emily is fantastic! She is caring, sweet, and so great with the boys. It really gives us piece of mind when she is here because I know they are in great hands. You can tell that she loves what she does and takes great pride in it. They boys are great and we are loving every moment.” – Jessie C.

Queen City Newborn Care’s specialists work in teams to better serve you as a family. You will have a primary specialist¬†who will work with your family, but in the event of an emergency or illness, or your little one coming early, she will have an amazing back up partner to come in her place during that shift. You have the opportunity to meet the back up at any time.

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