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$200 one time non-refundable fee which guarantees your time on the provider’s schedule. This registration fee is good for one year postpartum and will cover all administrative services in the future, whether your family needs sleep coaching, live in travel care, daytime support, overnight support, or referrals for babysitters who specialize in newborns.


$30-40 per hour plus registration fee

$35 per hour with NO registration fee for our owner.

Included in our team is the owner of Queen City Newborn Care, Meg. Meg’s hourly rate of $35 per hour is reflective of her 14+ years of newborn and postpartum experience, hours of specialized trainings (working with multiples, premature infants, green nursery consultations/set up and other situations that require atypical/unconventional care.) and accompanying certifications.

Available 1-7 nights or days a week for 8-12 hour shifts between the hours of 7pm-7am, and 4-12 hour shifts between the hours of 7am-7pm. We offer support with bathing, feeding, dressing, diapering, cleaning and preparing bottles, teaching self soothing techniques, sleep training, swaddling techniques, maintaining nightly logs, baby laundry, stocking and maintain the nursery supplies, providing daily and weekly goals. Some of us also provide care for older siblings as well.

$600 per day for live in shifts

Currently our owner is the only one on the team offering 24/7 live in, and comes with over 14 years of experience with singletons and multiples. She offers live in care for babies up to 1 year old and has a 48 hour minimum. She offers the same support as our daytime and overnight doulas and is available for local or travel care. She is travel ready for domestic and international support, and does require families to pay for all airfare and lodging fees. Perfect for parents travelling for work or vacation, or for parents who don’t have a village of their own to help in the first few weeks or months home from the hospital. Please book in advance!

In the event of loss of an infant, 75% of your hourly fee will be refunded. Queen City Newborn Care does not offer refunds for any other reason.


$800 sleep training and schedules (24 hours)

$2100 fee applies for families wanting day and night sleep training (72 consecutive hours).

Looking for support with sleep training or creating a schedule for your little one? Allow us to create a personalized plan will then be written up for you based on the issues your newborn is struggling with.

In-home consults include a visit to your home to see your nursery set up, meet your baby (babies), and get to know your needs and stresses. Beyond the schedule(s) we create for you and the in-home consult, this also includes 24 or 72 hours of in person overnight or daytime support, and a week of unlimited follow up by phone, email, or text.

Prepping For Baby – nurseries, registries, and more

Contact us for pricing!

Many families don’t need postpartum doula support because they have friends and family who live nearby and want to help when your baby arrives, but still need some help in the prepping department.

These consults are done exclusively with our owner and one of our lactation consultants.


These consults are done in the comfort of your own home with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

$75 per hour for prenatal visit

$205 for two hour initial postpartum visit

$165 for two hour follow up postpartum visit

$50 for half hour virtual consult


Contact us for pricing!

The consults are done exclusively with our owner or our office manager.

$125 – $950 for personalized contracts, background checks, nanny interviews, and nanny prep packages


$325 for capsules, mother’s broth, tincture, and cord keepsake due, by 37 weeks

$275 for capsules and cord keepsake

$285 as an add on to any other service, due by 37 weeks

This is payable in full at the signing of the contract. We do not offer refunds for any reason.


We offer temporary babysitters for families with young children. These babysitters have higher education in early childhood or newborn care as well as several years of experience with infants. This service has a

$30 fee per day and $50 fee for families needing to book someone the same day. We ask that you agree to pay your babysitter $20+ per hour (extra for multiples) and accept that our babysitters have a four hour minimum. Higher rates will apply for holidays.

This service is FREE for our postpartum clients.


$1300 for birth photography | $650 due at signing of the contract and remaining $650 due by 37 weeks.

$500 for Fresh 48 photography | $250 due at signing of the contract and remaining $250 due by 37 weeks. These fees are non refundable, as our birth photographer has blocked her calendar off for two weeks before and two weeks after your due date. At the signing of this contract, it is assumed that none of us can anticipate the type of labor and birth you are going to have. Our photographer can only contract with a small number of clients in any particular time frame (for fear of missing someone’s birth and not meeting their needs). She cannot fill her calendar and then change fees according to how births turn out. She is as committed to short laboring clients as she is to long laboring clients.

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