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Queen City Newborn Care specializes in all things BABY!

We are proud to be Charlotte’s first and only agency to specialize in newborn and postpartum support for the entire family. We offer 24/7 live in, day time, and overnight support. We are experienced with preemies, singletons, and multiples.

Best Doulas in
Best Doulas in Charlotte

Queen City Newborn Care support all modern families in the greater Charlotte area, whether they are mixed race, LGBTQ, married, single, partnered or parents by birth or adoption, without bias or judgement.

Supporting families in..
The entire greater Charlotte area from Fort Mill SC to Winston Salem NC and everything in between. Reach out to us if you live farther from these areas!

Newborn nanny placements for premature or medically complex infants, and overnight or daytime care with postpartum doulas, newborn care specialists, and LPNs/RNs.


“Our family had an urgent need for our 3 month old due to medical issues. I received Kirsten Fox’s information for a work colleague who had utilized her as well. Kirsten immediately reached out and was extremely flexible with her start date and days we needed. She was professional, friendly and we immediately felt comfortable with her caring for our newborn baby girl. Kirsten went above and beyond and updated us on each feeding with details and recommendations upon request. Our family has referred Kirsten to our pediatricians office and they agreed to recommend her as well. In addition, we will utilize her for babysitting and a possible overnight need. Kirsten is truly passionate about child care and her patience and yearn for caring will keep her in our family for years to come! Thank you, Kirsten Fox!”
Jillian G Postpartum Doula (singleton)
“We are so grateful for the help of our Queen City Newborn Care doulas! Life with newborn triplets is exhausting and overwhelming, so it was wonderful to have overnight doulas that allowed my husband and I to get some much needed sleep. Meg, Myra, Elizabeth and Erin were all so wonderful! Taking care of triplets is not easy, especially at night, but they did an amazing job and we trusted them completely with the care of our precious babies. I would highly recommend for any families with multiples!”
Jen H Postpartum Doula (triplets)
“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Queen City Newborn Care!!! Meg rearranged her schedule to fit what I needed and walked through everything with me. Based on our situation she recommended what would help us see results without having us overbook time that wasn’t needed. In ONE night she was able to cut my little one’s amount he drank IN HALF. She got him on a schedule within 24 hours. Cannot say enough wonderful things!!!”
Kelly R Sleep Coach (singleton)
“When I discovered that I was struggling with postpartum anxiety, Queen City New Born Care was there for me! I spoke with Meg on Tuesday afternoon and my doula, Elizabeth, was at my house the next morning at 7 am! Elizabeth has helped me so much with my son and understanding the patterns and nuances of newborns. She has also helped me to feel confident in myself as a mother. Having her has made a WORLD of difference to me and my family.”
Cat S Postpartum Doula (singleton)
“Queen City Newborn Care has been so helpful to our family. Kirsten Fox is amazing with babies and has helped my son sleep longer stretches. She is patient, trustworthy and kind. Thank you Kirsten and Meg!!”
Sarah B Postpartum Doula (singleton)
“Meg, Elizabeth, and Myra made the transition into motherhood so much easier than it would have been without them – not that it was easy, but I had no clue about so many things and it was invaluable to have their constant help and support. Queen City doulas provide so much more than sleep (which is in itself priceless). Support with breastfeeding, pumping, baby blues, figuring out the myriad of baby gadgets, laundry, diapers, and so much more are just some examples. My baby is now 4 months old and is so happy, sleeps well, and has such a good relationship with all 3 doulas we used. Meg knows what she is doing and so happy I was lucky enough to find her!”
Sarah H Postpartum Doula/Live-In Care/Travel/Sleep Coach (singleton)
“Brittany was a huge help and so wonderful to have as we transitioned to becoming a family of 5! Because we had 2 others to care for during the day, in addition to our baby, it was so nice to get some rest during the night. She did everything she could to ensure that I could get some much needed sleep, which made all the difference in my postpartum recovery! I am so thankful we had her to help us through this exhausting season!! I could not say enough good things about her! She always did exactly as we asked and was so wonderful with our little baby. It was so nice knowing we could trust her.”
Katie C Postpartum Doula (singleton)
“Big thanks to Meg with Queen City Newborn Care for giving us nighttime help so we could survive the first several weeks.”
Lauren P Postpartum Doula (twins)
“We loved having Brittany as our weekend night nurse after we brought home our second child. Right from the start we knew she was going to be a good fit. She was soft spoken and sweet and so gentle with our son. Knowing that I had suffered from postpartum depression with my first child, Brittany was so proactive in trying to help me get as much sleep as possible. She wrote us a long note on ways to help with my son’s possible reflux issue and how to help him not spit up as much so that I wouldn’t have to nurse him as much during the night. She even called me on her day off to talk to me about pumping and allowing her to give him a bottle for one of the feedings so that I could get a good chunk of sleep in before my first night feeding. I could tell that she cared not just for my son but for his mama’s well being as well and that meant a lot to our family.”
Jackie G Postpartum Doula (singleton)
“From the moment we met Elizabeth, she felt like part of our family. We met her in a baby wearing class and were immediately struck with how committed she was to continuing her education. We’d never heard of a postpartum doula before but knew that we would need help transitioning. She was incredibly helpful when we brought our second daughter home from the hospital and picked up the pieces without even asking for direction. She cleaned pump parts, folded laundry and picked up from our sweet whirling dervish of a toddler! And of course, let us sleep! My husband and I were so much more rested this go-around. It was wonderful! When our daughter decided to sleep for longer stretches starting at Day 9 (whaaaat???), Elizabeth switched to the day shift and helped us potty train our toddler. It was amazing!”
Karen G Postpartum Doula (singleton)
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