Hardship Award Program

We are so excited to officially announce our Hardship Award Program. We began this program in December of 2017 and it has been growing ever since.

Simply put, we award 64 hours of newborn and postpartum care to families in need at no cost to you. We love giving back to our community and this is also a fantastic way for our interns to gain hands on experience with families who would otherwise not be able to work with a Queen City Newborn Care team member.

We offer this opportunity to families quarterly, and awards are based on your level of hardship, due date, and location, as well as number of interns available in each internship program (which we offer each Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter if we have enough interest).

Our interns have slightly less experience than our professionals. They have a minimum of preemie and/or twin experience, SIDS training, CPR certification, as well as postpartum doula training, newborn care specialist training, OR an Early Childhood/Child Development degree or certification. Sometimes, our Professional Postpartum Doulas want to give back as well, and you may be placed with one of them!

Whether you have spent thousands of dollars on fertility treatments, have experienced a job loss, had a traumatic birth experience, are unexpectedly expecting multiples, your baby had extended time in the NICU, or have experienced another hardship of some sort, we are here for you. Please fill out our application and we will be in touch soon!