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One of the most frequent question we hear is, “What kind of carrier is best for my baby?” Here’s a few of our favorites, and why.. By the way, they can all be purchase from Target, Buy Buy Baby, or online.

ERGObaby Four Position 360
The Ergo has been a household favorite for years, before they came out with the 360. This one is really neat because it safely allows baby to try four different secure positions. It’s super comfortable and can be adjusted if you’re short but your partner is tall. Be sure to buy the infant insert, as well. Breastfeeding friendly.

Moby Wrap
This 100 percent cotton wrap may seem like a crazy long piece of never ending fabric, but we assure you, this one keeps your baby snug as a bug! Here’s a super easy tutorial we like from YouTube. Once you master it, baby can be wrapped in just a few minutes. Don’t forget to make sure she’s close enough to kiss! Breastfeeding friendly with some practice.

Boba Air
This baby carrier is amazing in the summer, especially for when Charlotte gets humid. It’s light weight and comfortable, too. Best of all, it weighs less than a pound and it fits easily in your diaper bag. Win, win! Breastfeeding friendly.

Baby K’tan
This one makes wrapping seem so much more simple. The material is soft but sturdy. There’s no worrying about adjusting and it’s great for petite parents and caregivers. Our only issue is that because of the inability to adjust, only one parent can use it if the parents differ greatly in height and weight. Breastfeeding friendly.

A big part of why we love Tulas is because of how funky and beautiful they are! They have some really cool prints. Tulas come in two sizes – standard or toddler size. They fit higher than the Ergo and you can really feel the difference. That makes them awesome for wiggle worm babies. The straps are thicker than Ergos or Bobas. This one may not be ideal for super petite and thin parents because of the waist belt. Breastfeeding friendly.

We love, love, love woven wraps but don’t have a favorite. But these are truly for the more experienced babywearer. For more tips and tricks, we suggest you check out a local Babywearing International meeting.. The leaders have meetings all over Charlotte! Go visit for updates on meeting times and locations. Meetings are free, fyi!

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