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Here we go with round two of great children’s books with this week’s particular topic: self esteem.

The Crown on Your Head | This book tells the story of just how special your own child is. The author explains how we’re each born with a unique crown and that it’ll always be with us.

Giraffes Can’t Dance | Gerald the giraffe just wants to dance but it’s so hard because of his awkward body. A friend encourages him to dance to the beat of his own drum, and when he does, everyone is shocked at his talent.

What I Be | This is the story of self acceptance. It’s perfectly okay to be exactly as you are.

On The Night You Were Born | The day you were born was such an exciting day. This books celebrates just how special you are.

It’s Okay To Be Different | Whatever your story is, it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to be embarrased, or adopted, or to have two moms or a mom and a step mom; just be you.

Big Hair, Don’t Care
| Lola has REALLY big hair, and bigger than anyone at school, but she still tells everyone how much she loves it. Sometimes kids need a reminder that it’s okay to look a little different than everyone else.

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
| This little girl’s mother reassures her that being a princess has to do with what’s on the inside – and that princesses can still ride tricycles, climb trees , and do chores.

The Little Engine That Could | This classic story tells the story of the train who isn’t afraid to try and ends up feeling so proud of her accomplishment in the end.

The Little Snowplow | The little snowplow joins a crew of big trucks and initially, they tease him because they have no faith that he can plow snow when it storms. The snowplow ended up surprising everyone by saving the day when a big truck got stuck.

The Paperbag Princess | In this twist of a fairytale, the Princess ends up saving the Prince instead of the other way around. She uses her confidence, courage, and intelligence to defeat the dragon. A great girl power story.

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