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Queen City Newborn Care is the only agency specializing in newborn and postpartum care in all of Charlotte. The closest agency similar to us is hours away in Raleigh. We have incredibly high standards for all of team members, whether they are Level I, II, or III. Beyond the basic postpartum doula or newborn care specialist training, our team members are also required to complete 40 hours of continuing education each year, update their infant CPR certification every 2 years and update their safe sleep training every year. Each of our team members is background checked every 6 months as well.

They rest when the baby sleeps and all baby related duties are done. They prefer to sleep in the nursery on a bed or air mattress for the first few months unless there is a guest room and baby monitor they can use. They are trained to determine if a “peep” is just a baby adjusting, is hungry, needs a diaper change, or needs soothing.

This depends on a few factors: How soon do you or your partner need to return to work? Do you have a good support system during the day? Do you have older children? We see a couple different options booked pretty frequently. The first option is three nights per week for six weeks. The second option is five to seven nights to start for two weeks, then taper down to two or three nights for the next four to eight weeks. We do recommend an every other night or Sunday through Thursday schedule. 9pm to 6am is our most popular shift. However, our only “minimum” is 40 total hours for you to use any way you desire!

They come dressed in scrubs. We have found that after getting peed, pooped, and spit up on all night requires a uniform that looks professional yet is still easy to clean and is comfortable for bending and stretching. We also love pockets to hold pacifiers, bottles, or burp cloths in a pinch!

We love and support breastfeeding parents! We will room with the baby in the nursery (or stay in a nearby guestroom with the monitor). When baby wakes to eat, we will change their diaper, bring the baby to you, and either stay to help with them getting latched on/positioning, or be nearby until you let us know the nursing session is finished. After that, we will burp, re-swaddle, and soothe your little one back to sleep. Alternatively, if you choose to give pumped milk, we will do one or all of the feedings so that you can sleep instead of nurse. Some Moms choose to give a pumped bottle for the first or last feeding to get a few extra hours of sleep.

Our doulas will prep all of the nighttime bottles and sterilize them after. Let us know if you need us to allow prepare the daytime bottles as well before we leave in the morning!
We keep a log of diapers, fussiness, feedings, and sleep time via text, pen and paper, or an app of the parent’s choice. Some parents prefer a verbal overview of how the night went and we are happy to do that as well!

We have only a few team members who also work days so if days are something you’re interested in, we suggest that you inquire as soon as you know. Our only requirement for days is 40 hours total, and the shifts are usually 4-6 hours long. This is a great cost effective option for parents to sleep in during the morning, get help with naps, also have an older child, and want receive the same benefits such as bottle sterilizing and prep, baby laundry, etc.

We don’t offer any type of sleep training until after 3 months minimum. Biologically, your baby just isn’t ready for it. It’s normal for them to wake frequently at night. We have two Level III team members who offer this service when you’re ready.

We suggest starting the process as early as possible and booking them by your second or early third trimester. Our doulas book early and we want you to have the opportunity to interview as many doulas as possible to make your decision and not feel “stuck” with only one choice. You will begin the process by letting us know if you are interested in Level I, II, or III, receive multiple profiles of available doulas, and from there, you can interview them all or select certain ones based on their qualifications and experience. We suggest doing this early in case you have limited availability to schedule interviews and to be able to take your time during this process.

No! We don’t require special brands, although we suggest the following to start out with:
  • a few 4 ounce bottles (plastic or glass)
  • stage 1 nipples (milk should drip steadily from the bottle and not pour out in a stream)
  • a bottle warmer of your choice
  • a white noise machine (Homedics Soundspa for $20 or Dohm for $50)
  •  2+ swaddle blankets (any large cotton or muslin blanket) or swaddle wrap (SwaddleMe) so that one is clean while the other is in the wash
  • black out curtains
  • burp cloths
  • extra diapers and wipes (we are comfortable with cloth or disposable)
We ask for two weeks payment upfront as your retainer, to “reserve” your doula in advance. For large contracts, we are comfortable with you making payments equal to 20% of the total first two week period, biweekly, until you are paid in full. Once your contract begins, we bill biweekly on Fridays and your payment is due on Sundays. Our billing week begins on Sundays and runs for two weeks. We pay the doulas directly as independent contractors.
We hold the same high standards for our nannies as we do our doulas. We require 3+ years of experience, safe sleep training, infant and child CPR certification, and some sort of educational background in children or infants. We specialize in placements for ages 0-5, so all of our nannies come highly experienced and have a passion for little ones. Each of our nanny candidates are prescreened, background checked, and reference checked before you even meet with them.

You pay us the upfront processing fee of $250 to begin the steps of the nanny searches, background checks, and reference checks. This fee also includes an in person meeting with our office team to discuss nanny taxes, payroll, common questions, and more. After that, you choose which placement package you prefer (background checks only or the whole package from start to finish). When you go with our Full Package, your placement fee is due only after you have met with all of the nanny candidates, you make an offer to your favorite candidate, and they accept. You pay the nanny’s hourly rate to her directly.

All of our nannies make between $16-20 per hour, depending on experience and responsibilities. If you just want a nanny who will do the basics, we suggest $16 per hour. If you want a nanny with a lot of experience and is very active, provides learning activities, and goes above and beyond, we suggest a rate of $17+ per hour. Families with more than one child, we suggest $18+ per hour. We always recommend guaranteed hours, paid vacation, and holidays.

When you pay the processing fee of $250, you get access to all of our prescreened sitters for one year. Our babysitters have the same requirements as our nannies and typically work evenings and weekends. Occasionally, we have some available during the week for backup care if your nanny is sick or on vacation, or you have a doctor’s appointment during the day. For our families that book nannies through our Full Package, we offer our babysitters and nannies to you at no extra charge for backup care when your regular nanny is away!

If you want to hire a doula, click on “Contact Us” to inquire, email us directly at, or call us at 704-594.1349. There is no upfront cost to get started and we offer free in person or phone consultations.
If you want to hire a nanny, click on “Nanny Placements – For Families” to inquire, email us directly at, or call us at 704-594.1349. There is a cost of $250 to begin interviewing nannies but we are happy to offer a free in person or phone consultation.
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