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We are proud to be Charlotte’s first and only agency to specialize in newborn and postpartum support for the entire family. We offer 24/7 live-in, travel, daytime, and overnight support. We are experienced with preemies, singletons, and multiples.

We offer a variety of highly experienced and trained postpartum doulas and newborn care specialists (and offer three levels of experience and pricing!).

Level I (Interns): These team members have slightly less experience than our professionals. They have a minimum of preemie or twin experience, SIDS training, CPR certification, as well as postpartum doula training, newborn care specialist training, OR an Early Childhood/Child Development degree or certification. Interns are great for parents wanting an extra set of hands from someone with more knowledge than a newborn nanny! These are also the individuals who offer our newborn care for our Hardship Award Program. If you’ve had a preemie, multiples, or are experiencing some sort of hardship and interested in free or reduced priced services, please Apply Here!

Level II (Professionals): These team members have several years of experience, SIDS training, CPR certification, postpartum doula and/or newborn care specialist training, as well as additional trainings and certifications. They have twin and/or triplet experience, as well experience with high needs babies or unique situations. Want to hire a baby whisperer? This is the level that you would hire!

Level III (Senior Professional): This team member has 14+ years of experience, has trained as postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, sleep coach, and breastfeeding counselor, has twin and triplets experience, and has experience with high needs babies and unique situations. Want to hire the most experienced person on the team? This is the level that you would hire!

Daytime, evening, and overnight care is offered 1-7 days or nights per week. Daytime care is typically used around the hours of 9am-1pm or 12pm-4pm | Evening care is typically used around the hours of 6pm-10pm or 8pm-12am | Overnight care is typically used around the hours of 9pm-5am, 10pm-6am, 11pm-7am, or 12 hour shifts of 7pm-7am or 8pm-8am.

  • Our team will work with your family after your little one arrives, usually immediately or within a week or two of your baby’s birth. Is your little one already here and you’re struggling finding a daytime schedule or is she awake half the night? Contact us for a free consultation!
  • We are on call from the moment you hire us, even if you go into labor early. If your doula or newborn care specialist is still booked with another family and your own baby is here a month earlier than expected, someone else on our team will be available within 24 hours to help your family, so you’re never left without support! There is no extra fee for this guaranteed promise.
  • While our main focus is your family’s well-being, we are also available to offer feeding, swaddling, and soothing, umbilical cord and circumcision care, sterilizing/washing/preparing bottles and breast pump parts, offering breastfeeding support (many of us are certified in lactation), offering formula support (there are so many options out there), and doing baby laundry. Our biggest priorities include baby care, teaching parents self-soothing techniques, organizing the nursery, maintaining daily logs, and helping new parents gain confidence, but we are also happy to attend pediatrician or OB/midwife appointments, and run errands (Target and the grocery store are usually the go-to requests).
  • Your family will receive continued text and email support from Queen City Newborn Care even after your time with us is over.
  • Everyone on our team has a clean background check made available to you at the signing of your contract. This background check includes a social security trace, national criminal database search, traffic violation search, sex offender list search, and professional license verification (for our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants).
  • Your family will receive a detailed contract between your family and your provider that outlines all important information pertaining to you and her.
  • Going forward, you will receive 20% off any of our other services if you decide to also hire us for lactation support, sleep coaching, or nanny placement services. You’ll also receive 20% off the processing fee for hiring us for your next baby!

Unsure of how many days or nights you’ll be needing? We suggest purchasing a 100, 300, or 500 hour postpartum package and then making the decision on number of shifts per week closer to when your baby arrives. Families also use our package options when they desire to “front load” their hours with a provider during the first few weeks, and then to taper down as their baby starts sleeping longer stretches.

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