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Queen City Newborn Care has high standards for all of our team members.

All of our Nannies:

  • ​Have been pre-screened by QCNC over the phone and in person
  • Have a clean background check and have been reference checked
  • Have​ Infant and Child CPR certification (renewed every 2 years)
  • ​Have ​SIDS training (renewed annually)
  • ​Have a certification/degree​/coursework​ in Early Childhood, Child Development, Newborn Care, or have many years of solid nanny experience
  • 3+ years hands on experience working with families of children 0-3 years old
Search Fee $250

This is required to begin the nanny placement process. This fee is non-refundable. This fee helps conduct the beginning stages of screening nannies, running background checks, and doing reference checks. It also includes an in person meeting with our office team to discuss nanny taxes, payroll, common questions, and more. This is the time that we also start building your family profile.

Full Time Live-In Nanny Placements $2000

A full time, live-in nanny works 30+ hours a week and lives with your family in your home. The nanny may be in a separate area of your home or a private bedroom and bathroom. We suggest this option if you have schedules that change often and have the extra space for a nanny.

Full Time Live-Out Nanny Placements $2000

A full time, live-out nanny works 30+ hours a week. The nanny can work whatever shifts your family needs.

Part Time Nanny Placements $1500

A part time nanny works less than 30 hours per week. The nanny can work whatever shifts your family needs. We do require a minimum of 20 hours.

Nanny Share Placements $2500
(each family pays $1250)

This is a situation where two separate families share one nanny, full or part time. The families work together to decide which shifts they need a nanny. The nanny could watch the children in the same family’s home each week (ideal if the other family works from home or works near the other family’s home) or switch off every other week.

Temporary Nanny Placements $600

This option is perfect for families on a daycare waiting list or want to put their baby in daycare when they get a little older or after the “flu” season. The nanny can work 20+ hours per week, and work any shift that your family needs.

Looking for something different? Look at our Nanny A La Carte page.

What’s Included?

  • In person meeting between your family and our office team to discuss what you’re looking for, as well as nanny taxes, payroll, benefits, and more
  • Our office team searches for multiple nanny candidates that meet your description
  • We conduct all background checks including social security number trace, criminal, sex offender, past working experience, and reference checks
  • Our office team sends you the most qualified applicants to interview
  • Verification of all required trainings including CPR, SIDS, and educational background
  • We offer ongoing support to both the family and nanny
  • We offer a free nanny replacement within 6 months if the nanny does not work out for any reason
  • Backup care for your nanny’s absences at no extra cost

When you’re ready to get started, please fill out our Family Application, and our office team will be in touch immediately.

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