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Preparing and processing placentas is just one of the services we offer at Queen City Newborn Care. But it’s not for us to say if you should eat yours. Instead, we urge you to research and make your own decision.

Here’s a few common questions we hear pretty regularly.

What do you do with my placenta exactly?
We use the Traditional Chinese Medicine method by steaming, dehydrating, grinding into a powder, and then transferring the powder into capsules to take like a vitamin. We also offer tinctures. A piece of raw placenta is stored in a glass jar with 100 proof liquor for 6 weeks or longer. For women wanting to see the benefits of of ingesting their placenta immediately, we make a placenta broth that is made from the steaming water that includes ginger and myrrh.

What are the benefits?
So many! The biggest one is less fatigue. This is huge and what we consider the hardest part of the postpartum period and the one “symptom” that leads to baby blues, postpartum anxiety, and postpartum depression. A lot of our clients who are second time parents tell us that they actually feel like a human again.. simple thing, but compared to the time when they felt like zombie milk machines, they were kicking themselves that they didn’t do it the first time around. Increased milk supply is another fantastic benefit that many new mothers see.

What are the side effects?
Rarely do we see these, but they do happen occasionally. The most common is women experiencing too much energy, and that jittery feeling like she’s had too much coffee. She might feel her heart beating faster than normal. Anotherside effect is producing too much milk and creating an oversupply. In this case, we recommend that she cuts back on the number of pills she is taking daily.

How does this all work when I go into labor?
We need you to designate someone to be in charge of the placenta; your partner, a family member, or a friend. They need to contact us when your baby is born and make arrangements with us to come out to your home. Your designated person transports your placenta to your home. We have a couple options from there – 1) we meet them there and start the process OR 2) they tell us where a key is hidden or the alarm code and we let ourselves in. The first part of the process take 2 hours to finish. We then clean up, and leave the dehydrator running for 8+ hours and then return for the second part of the process. Grinding the placenta and putting the powder into capsules takes about an hour to an hour and a half to finish. Typically, our clients are home from the hospital or will be returning the next day by that point, so we store the pills in the refrigerator and leave detailed instructions on when and how often to take the pills.

What will this cost me?
Each package includes capsules, a tincture, a cord keepsake, and broth. If you are also booking us for newborn and postpartum care, your cost is $250. Separately, the cost is $285. You may pay a nonrefundable deposit of $142.50 and the remaining balance is due three weeks prior to your due date.

How do I sign up?
Please call us at 704.594.1349 or send us an email at to set it all up!

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